Fancorps [fan-core] : A word of mouth marketing and brand advocacy technology solution for consumer brands and organizations

social networking with a purpose™


The Fancorps Technology is ground breaking

Our platforms were developed with ease of use and functionality as the primary building blocks. We specialize in providing the specific set of tools necessary to enable a user to continually create quality social interactions for brands seeking to enhance their online reach and real world impressions. Through communication, engagement, task management, and rewards based utilities, a brand can take total control of their own social stream, defining and directing brand advocates within a customized community they will love to call home.

Web Platform
Stand Alone Domain
Facebook App
Seamless Integration
Mobile Apps
iOS and Android

Give your brand a voice, keep members informed of current tasks and promotions while gaining their valuable feedback.


Defeat EdgeRank by leveraging your advocate's most powerful relationships and daily presence on social networks.


Customize tasks to get the most out of member's affinity for your brand. Reviews, recommendations, shares- the possibilities are limitless.


Capitalize on fans' natural tendency to be #1. We've implemented Ranks, Badges, and a Leaderboard to keep them coming back for more.


Incentivize your community to actively engage both on and offline with the hottest exclusives, offers, and merchandise.


Analytics updated in real-time. Gather and view detailed lifestyle and demographic information about your most passionate consumers.

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